How to Make Toast in A Toaster Oven

It is no fun waiting for your turn to make toast in a toaster, especially when you are in a hurry. You can still make your toast for breakfast but rather than using a toaster, you will use a toaster oven. Today, we will show you how to make toast in a toaster oven. Sit back and enjoy this chit chat.

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The toaster oven is an alternative method for making evenly cooked toast. For the best result, you can use a convection toaster oven. This is because of the inbuilt fan that circulates warm air for even and faster cooking.

Generally, toaster ovens come in different settings. These settings regulate the heat elements inside the appliance for different recipes. There are three basic toaster oven settings you should know. They include Toast, Bake, and Broil.

Let’s get started, shall we?

If you prefer learning by video, this article is also explained here.

How to Make Toast in Toaster Oven?


2 Slices of bread


Note: Optionally, you can top your toast with cheese, honey, poached egg, jam, or bruschetta.


  1. Move toaster oven rack to the center of the appliance and preheat the toaster oven to a temperature between 350 to 450oF.
  2. Spread melted butter evenly on both sides of the bread. This flavors the bread and helps it crisp better in the toaster oven.
  3. Lay the bread slices directly on the toaster oven rack or a baking sheet side by side. Do not overlap them, otherwise, they will not toast properly.
  4. Place the baking sheet in the toaster oven and set the dial to ‘Toast’. Also, set the timer for 5 minutes and allow your bread to be heated. Cook the bread until the top crisps a little.
  5. Wear a pair of oven mitts and remove the baking sheet from the toaster oven. Then use tongs to turn the bread slices over and return the baking sheet to the toaster oven.
  6. Toast bread for an additional 5 minutes for even toasting or watch closely until the bread is properly browned just the way you like it.
  7. Turn off the toaster oven and remove the baking sheet from the oven. Spread melted butter over each bread slice. You can spread honey, cheese, or any other preferred toppings on your toast and serve immediately.

The time needed to make a toast depends on your preference. You can ignore the timer on the toaster oven and set a stopwatch on your phone. Watch the bread closely and note the time the bread is browned to your taste. This way you will know the exact time to toast your bread subsequently.

How to Make Toast Using the Broiler Setting in The Toaster Oven?

You can also make a toast in a toaster oven using the ‘Broiler’ setting. This is faster than the ‘Toast’ setting earlier described. This is because the heating elements at the top of the appliance heats only the top of the bread slices.

However, it can quickly burn the toast. So, it is important that you stay close to the toaster oven and watch as the bread broils so that it does not burn.


  1. Move the toaster oven rack to the top position of the oven about 3″ below the heating element.
  2. Lay the bread slices in the center of the toaster oven rack directly leaving some space between each slice for even heating.
  3. Turn on the broiler to the lowest heating setting.
  4. Broil the bread for about 1-2 minutes or until the bread is browned on the top just the way you like it. 
  5. Flip the bread slices over using tongs and broil for an additional 1 to 2 minutes. If you prefer very crispy and dark toast, add an extra 1 minute to the broiling time on both sides.
  6. When your toast is golden brown on both sides, turn off the toaster oven and remove your toast using tongs.
  7. Spread butter or any other preferred toppings on each toast and enjoy.

Note: Do not use plastic tongs when removing your toast from the toaster oven as they can be damaged by the heat.

If you are toasting frozen bread slices, add an additional 1 minute to your toasting time. Remember, toast is best enjoyed while it is still warm. But you can store it up to one day in a Ziploc bag or an airtight container. 

Storing your toast can change its taste. It can become chewy and stale the longer it is stored.

Other Methods of Making Toast

Apart from using the toaster and toaster oven, you can make toast using other methods. These methods come in handy when you don’t own a toaster or toaster oven. They can make really nice toast. These methods include:

Skillet Method

The skillet method involves toasting bread directly in a frying pan or skillet. Heat a non-stick frying pan over medium heat. Put your bread slices on the hot frying pan directly. 

Allow the bread slices to crisp nicely and brown for about 1 to 2 minutes. Flip the bread over to the other side and allow it to cook for an additional 1 to 2 minutes.

If you are using a cast-iron skillet, simply add a teaspoon of olive oil or 1 to 1 ½ tsp of butter on the skillet over medium heat. Put the bread in the pan and allow it to cook for some minutes per side or until it is golden brown. Remove and serve immediately with your favorite toppings.

The skillet method is great for toasting sandwich bread, baguettes, and pita.

Stovetop Grill Method

If you are making toast for a lot of people, the skillet method might be too tiresome for you. A stovetop grill will come in handy. Put your bread on the top of the stovetop grill grates over a medium flame.

As the grates get heated, the grill marks appear on it and the bread gets toasted in the process.

Camp Stove/Fire Method

Load a campfire stove toaster with the bread and place the gadget over a low stove flame for some minutes. This method requires you to use pre-sliced bread otherwise the bread will not evenly toast. The good news is that this gadget can toast 4 slices of bread per time.

This method is also perfect for campfires. All you need to do is make a fire with wood and other kindling materials. Using the campfire toaster , toast your bread to your taste and serve.

Microwave Method

You can make a toast in a microwave, but we do not recommend this method. This is because it does not make a nice toast (it can give you a soggy or burnt bread). It should be your last resort when you urgently need a toast and you must monitor your toast very closely.

Place your bread on a paper towel and set your timer for about 1 to 2 minutes or until the bread is toasted as you like your toast.

Some Toaster Oven Toast Recipes

Here are some delightful tasty toast recipes you can make in a toaster oven.

Baked French Toast Recipe

Video: Toaster Oven French Toast

This video will show you how to make a French toast in a toaster oven.

French Toast Ingredients

8 oz unsliced French bread (day old)

2 tbsp sugar

4 big eggs

2 tsp vanilla extract

1 tbsp brown sugar

¼ tsp kosher salt

½ cup whipping cream

1 tsp maple extract

2 cups whole milk

Topping Ingredients

¼ cup All-purpose flour

3 tbsps unsalted butter (cut butter into ¼” cubes)

3 tbsps brown sugar

Nutmeg (freshly grated)

1 tsp ground cinnamon

Confectioners’ sugar

Fresh raspberries or blueberries


Cut the French bread into one-in thick slices and arrange them side by side in a greased baking pan.

Lightly mix the sugar, eggs, brown sugar, maple extract, vanilla extract and kosher salt in a baking bowl. Then add the milk, whipping cream, and gently stir the mixture together.

Pour the mixture of egg and other ingredients over bread. Turn once to evenly coat the bread and keep in the refrigerator covered overnight.

Preheat the toaster oven to a temperature of 375oF. Turn the bread again for more coating.

Mix flour, butter, cinnamon, brown sugar, and nutmeg (optional) for your topping. Then sprinkle this flour mixture over the bread.

Bake for about 40 to 45 minutes or until the topping is well browned. Alternatively, you can insert a knife into the pan, if it comes out dry and clean, your French toast is ready. 

Remove pan from the oven and top with raspberries or blueberries and sprinkle the toast with confectioners’ sugar. Serve immediately.


Top this French toast recipe with any fruit in season. For example, you can top with citrus in the winter, berries in spring, stone fruit in the summer, pears, or apples in fall.

In the absence of French bread, use challah, brioche, or cinnamon-raisin bread. 

Chorizo and Avocado Toast Recipe


4 slices of sourdough bread

9 oz Chorizo sausage

4 spring onions or scallions

Tabasco sauce (few drops)

2 avocados (ripe)

2 limes

1 garlic clove

1 tbsp olive oil and extra drops for drizzling

Sea salt

1 handful cilantro (fresh)

Black pepper (freshly grounded)

Preparation Time: 25 minutes

Cook Time: 5 minutes

Servings: 4 servings


Cut sausages into small-size pieces. Then heat a frying pan or skillet and add the cut sausages to your frying pan.

Fry sausages on a dry pan for five minutes or until it is golden brown and crispy around its edges (oil is released from the sausages while they cook). 

Cut the avocados into two halves with a sharp knife. Then scoop the flesh from the avocado using a spoon and slice the flesh into bits.

Slice the spring onions or scallions thinly into a bowl. Squeeze juice from 1 lime into the bowl with sliced scallions.

Add Tabasco sauce and olive oil and season with pepper and salt. Cut the left-over lime into chunks.

Turn on the ‘Broiler’ dial on your toaster oven. Lay the bread slices on the baking sheet or pan.

Toast the bread until it is golden brown on all sides. Remove from the toaster oven. 

Cut a garlic clove into two and rub its cut surfaces over the bread. Sprinkle with olive oil.

Then top the toasted bread with avocado mixture, sausages, and a spoonful of cooking juices. Then add cilantro leaves and serve your toast with the lime wedges.

Pickled Egg Salad Crostini and Serrano Ham Recipe


12 slices ciabatta bread (1/4 inches thick)

½ cup apple cider vinegar

1 tsp sugar.6 big eggs

½ cup white vinegar (distilled)

1 ½ tsp kosher salt

1/3 cup mayonnaise

Black pepper (freshly ground)

¼ cup fresh chives (finely chopped)

3 tbsps olive oil

2 tbsps fresh parsley (finely chopped)

12 slices prosciutto or serrano ham

2 cloves of garlic

Fresh chervil leaves

Servings: 6 servings


Boil sugar, 1 ½ tsp salt, ½ cup of water and vinegar (distilled and apple cider vinegar) in a medium-sized saucepan (pickled liquid). Allow it cool.

Boil eggs in the saucepan and remove them from the heat when they are cooked. Allow it to sit for 10 minutes.

Move eggs to the bowl containing ice to cool properly for some minutes. 

Peel eggs and place in a bowl. Then add pickling liquid and chill for about 12 hours covered.

Thereafter, remove the eggs from the pickling liquid and chop coarsely.

Mix chopped eggs with chives, mayonnaise, and parsley leaves in a bowl. Then season with pepper, little quantity of pickling liquid (optional), and salt.

Preheat toaster oven to a temperature of 425oF. Lay the bread slices on the baking sheet. Then sprinkle with olive oil. 

Toast the bread for 5 to 8 minutes or until it is golden brown and crispy on its sides.

Remove toast from the toaster oven and top with sliced ham, chervil, and pickled egg salad.

Note: You can marinate your eggs one week ahead and stored chilled.

Truffle Poached Eggs and Toast Recipe

Poached Eggs Ingredients

4 tbsp Parmesan cheese (grated)

2 tbsps white wine vinegar

1 tsp truffle oil

8 big eggs

½ tsp salt

Toast Ingredients

8 slices baguette or ciabatta

Olive oil

Servings: 4 servings

Method of Preparation

The Toast

Brush the sides of each toast with olive oil. Place them in a saute pan (medium heated) for about 30 secs or until it is evenly toasted on both sides.

Remove toast from the baking pan and drizzle with salt.

The Eggs

Boil 4 cups of water in a large saucepan.

Add ½ tsp of salt and vinegar. Then reduce the heat to a low simmer.

Break one egg into a small ramekin or cup. Gently slide it into the hot water. Repeat the same process for the other eggs.

Poach eggs until the egg whites are translucent and firm. This will take about 2-3 minutes.

Remove the poached eggs using a spatula and transfer each egg on top of each toast.

Sprinkle with truffle oil, little quantity of black pepper, and grated Parmesan cheese.

Serve and enjoy.

Toad-in -the-Hole Toast Recipe


2 slices of bread

1 big egg

1tsp butter




Cut a three-in hole in the center of each bread slice and discard.

Melt butter in a small frying pan or skillet over medium heat and put the bread in the pan.

Place the egg in the cut-out hole. Then cook bread for 2 minutes or more until the bread is slightly browned.

Flip the bread over to the other side using a spatula and cook until the egg yolk is almost ready.

Season the toast with pepper and salt. 

Repeat the same procedure for the other slice of bread and serve immediately.

Princess Toast Recipe

This recipe is great for children’s parties and lunch for your family. It sure adds some spice on the menu. Make your toast using your favorite method and then transform it into a princess toast.


6 slices of toasted white bread

6 tbsp sprinkles

6 tbsp strawberry jam (seedless)

6 tsp gold or silver edible glitter

1 to ½ cups of buttercream frosting

Lemon curd (optional)


Spread jam or lemon curd over toast.

Top it with buttercream, edible glitter, and sprinkles.

Serve toast whole or cut them into different shapes.


We hope you found this article helpful and that you will try one of these recipes. The good news is that you can be creative with your own recipe ideas. Hopefully, you will create more delicious toast you and your friends/family can enjoy every time.

Share your toast recipe in the comment section below. Either using any of these methods or other methods. Let’s share some delightful toast experience. We will love to hear from you!

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